How we work

Our partners contact Kolektiv Ateliers at various stages of project development. We are always able to adjust to the partner´s needs, but the best practice follow these easy steps:

1. Basic description

Prior to our initial discussion, we may request a set of architectural plans, photos, sketches, rendering, etc. so we can get better idea of the project.

2. Feedback

Based on your data we usually discuss our idea, how we would like to approach particular project.

3. Sketch

Comming out from the discussion with the partner we offer the solution that suits client´s needs the best from the aesthetical as well as from technical point of view. 

4. Renderings and price quote

We discuss our solution with the partner. Based upon mutual agreement on the solution we produce 3D renderings of the piece (if necessary) and also final budget and schedule for the production. At this point we also set up detailed conditions of the delivery and sign appropriate contract. 

5. Workshop drawings

Coming out from 3D renderings we produce detailed workshop drawings for the final production.

6. Mock-up

In some cases we produce also set of samples or full/partial mock-up of the project for partners approval. 

7. Production

We produce and properly pack desired object. In most cases our production is based on EXW conditions (Incoterms 2010). 

8. Installation

Based on agreed schedule we send our own installation to the spot and we organize the installation of the piece. 

9. Guarantee

After installation we keep all agreed guaranties based on our GSTC and signed contract.