Kolektiv Ateliers’ goal is to provide partners with the finest products that follow and reflex the best Czech glassmaking tradition. Our focus is on enhancing the craft of glassmaking with fresh modern feel through new design ideas. In order to establish direct long-term partnerships with our final customers we adopted active trade conduct policy. We want our clients to have full control over the origin and quality of both goods and materials, compliance with the best technologies and practices, top quality and original design of the final product. Fair approach to material is our way to help preserve and pass on the valuable knowledge of traditional glass making techniques to future generations. 


Art Glass into Architecture

Kolektiv Ateliers builds on the initiative of several art and craft cooperative alliances that formed across Europe in the last century (Arts & Crafts, Wienere Werkstätte, Bauhaus, Artěl and others) and merged in under-one-roof enterprises. Their goal has always been to advocate innovative development in the field of applied arts, to restore art and craft and truth-to-material quality of their objects and products, and to unite the various creative disciplines.


Kolektiv Ateliers employs a full range of glass making techniques and applies those in creation of contemporary design and architecture in an innovative way. Kolektiv strives to unite art and design with glassmaking craft to blur boundaries between theoretical education and practical craftsmanship. Kolektiv emphasizes the artistic and craftsmanship quality of its products and building of cultivated business relationship.


Superior craftsmanship
Each of the ateliers that form the Kolektiv has been a skilled leader in their particular field of glassmaking. We believe that only perfect craftsmanship is the way to products of lasting value.

Direct artisan – client communication
High quality contemporary design definitely arises from the narrow bonds between a designer, artisan and investor. For only such an open union can lay the foundations for projects that will satisfy the investor and will be a good reference for manufacturers.

Innovative technologies
Innovative approach to traditional craft of glass making is refreshing and achievable. For only the craft that develops and improves over time can compete in the market with a long-term view.

Full service
The diverse workshops portfolio of service allows us to ensure 100% quality of all parts of the work. Everything’s under control, everything’s under one roof.

Adhering to traditions of our region, we want to share part of our achievements to the benefit of it and to pass on the successful technologies of our craft. We feel responsible for the region and society we live in, and for the field we work in.

We regard our products as an investment. We want our clients to feel the energy and care we put into the products and we want them to have great satisfaction of owning our work and enjoying it.


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