Michal Vlček


Michal was born in Novy Bor, heart of glass production in Czech Republic. After graduating in Business administration at University of Economics in Prague 2000 he started his career in internet media agency where he worked until 2002. From 2003 he worked for Czech subsidiary of Austrian infrastructural concern concentrated in ecological services. As sales director of the group he was responsible for set of regional branches of the company as well as for intensive acquisition and mergers activities of the group. The group achieved 140 M EUR turnover when he left in 2012 to start his own business in his home town coming back to his family heritage - glassmaking.

From 2013 he is back in Novy Bor leading Kolektiv Ateliers, creative glass artisans company concentrating on high-quality bespoke glass & crystal installations for architecture. Together with a group of talented Czech glass artisans Kolektiv enhances the craft of glassmaking with fresh modern feel through new design ideas.