Tomáš Hovorka


Tomáš Hovorka is one of the most talented young artists of the new generation who naturally base their work on local traditions, but draw greatly on rich foreign experience. After initial studies at vocational school, he fully focused on glass-making. Later, he decided to deepen his knowledge and skills and joined the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where in addition to the design studio, he was also engaged in the creation of glass and jewellery under the inspirational leadership of Rony Plesl and Eva Eisler. He continued with an annual tenure at the University of the Arts in Utrecht in the Netherlands, where he studied industrial design.

Tomáš Hovorka gained extensive experience in the numerous exhibitions of his work in the European cities of Munich, Birmingham, Stockholm and Vienna, and in Moscow and Tokyo. In 2007, he also successfully introduced his designs at Ambiente, the biggest annual fair of consumer goods in the world, in Frankfurt, Germany, where he presented the latest design trends and peak products from the areas of tableware, gifts and home accessories. In his works, this artist often combines the sculptural approach with design, which in addition to creativity reflects the aspects of practicality and usability, ergonomics, ideal materials and technologies. He very often draws inspiration from geometric and mathematical relations in the surface and spatial dimension. The characteristic features of his creations are pure forms in detail, which by regular composition and multiplication create challenging compositions at first glance, which are often based on their microscopic reflection in the natural world.