Fusing / slumping

Glass of different colours and shapes is fused together in the furnace at a temperature of approximately 840 °C. It is possible to use various coloured glass powders, crystal chips, sticks or other semi-products that create required decoration through the process of fusing. Fusing is commonly used to add some texture or pattern that can either melt into the surface of the glass sheet or create a 3D effect on the top.

Glass slumping is a technology where glass is being slumped or curved into special ceramic or stainless steel mould at temperature of 700 °C. 

In our fusing & slumping studio we can proceed up to 12 square metres at the time. Due to our year of experiences on bespoke large scale projects we can meet even the most unique demands for extraordinary interiors and architectual solutions.

If required the final product may be treated with a protective varnish to ensure extra safety.