Glass painting

Glass painting technique requires exceptional craftsmanship, perfect knowledge of the glass technology and chemical processes happening in the glass. 

Special glass paints are used for painting on glass that are made of lead-orthoboric glass with colouring ingredients melting at low temperatures. They are grinded into a very fine powder which is mixed with turpentine and other binders before the actual application. The colours are fired in an electrical furnace at temperature of about 560 °C.  

Apart from the glass paints we work with formulas of precious metals (gold, platinum lustres and our 24 carat „dry gold“). The precious metals are dissolved in chemical solution. After the application they are fired in decorating kiln at temperature of 560 °C. 

In our glass painting studio we focus both on the traditional projects such as historical replicas or renovation of the painted stained glass as well as on the very contemporary design glass pieces. We continuously develop new painting solutions for the flat and fused glass that is widely used as a part of the bespoke interiors and modern architecture.